You can turn a simple party dress into a gorgeous piece of outfit if you style it properly. Styling can be as simple as throwing in one or two accessories or adding color in your outfit. You will get amazed by watching how accessories can add life to an otherwise lackluster piece of clothing. The secret lies in finding a perfect balance between accessories and dress. Check out this site

Following these pins by JustFab will come handy when you style your party dress:

Do not overpower your outfit when accessorizing. Accessories should draw attention towards the best features a dress have and the person wearing the dress have. However adding wrong type of jewelry or accessories can ruin the look of your outfit.

How to wear necklace with a party dress

Not all dresses go well with all necklaces. The type of neckline always influences the type of necklace appropriate for the dress. Following we have mentioned different type of necklaces and outfits with which they can be paired with:

A collar necklace by description is a type that fits snugly around the middle part of the neck. It will go well with party dresses that have V-neck, boat neck or off the shoulder neckline style.

A choker on the other hand should be paired with strapless dress or a dress with a plunging neckline.

Necklaces measuring 17 to 19 inches long are known as Princess length necklaces. All necklines can go well with this type of necklace except high necklines. For that adorable look you can add a pendant in your necklace while wearing V -neck dresses.

Matinee length necklaces are measured 20 to 24 inches long, falling on the top. Avoid dresses with plunging necklines when wearing this necklace and always wear it above or below the neckline. For necklaces measuring 28 to 34 inches long, the Opera length dresses with high necklines will go perfect.

Older women with wrinkles or folds on their necks should avoid wearing chokers as this will draw attention. Wearing graduated necklaces that are thin around the neck region and larger below the collarbone is great way for creating balance to a wide neck. Women with long and thin necks should avoid V-shaped necklaces and instead they should go for triple stranded one.

Finding the perfect dress for your party

  1. Go for earrings that flatter your face.

Dangly earrings elongate a round face and make long and narrow face look longer. These are ideal for dresses with low cut necklines. Drop earrings make face look shorter and rounder. One also has to put the hairstyle into consideration. They work well with any neckline and occasion.

  1. Find a great pair of shoes

Choose shoes that compliment your dress. The little black dress will go well with a pair of shoes that stand out in terms of color. Patterned or sparkly dresses should be paired with shoes that complement style and color. Strappy shoes add elegance to an outfit while chunkier shoes are best for casual look.

  1. Belt it up

A belt is a great way to show off your curves, accentuate a small waist or add color to an outfit. The color of the belt should complement the shoes and other accessories. It should also blend well with the pattern of the dress.

  1. Go for the right bag

You can maintain the color theme set by the shoes and accessories by choosing a handbag that is in contrasting color. For that elegant look, a clutch bag is the way to go. Always pay attention to the type of jewelry you are wearing when choosing a bag. For instance a large bag paired with delicate jewelry give shabby look. On the other hand you cannot pair chunky jewelry with a clutch bag.

  1. Wrap up

Jackets and wraps not only keep the wearer warm but also add definition in the outfit. A wrap with a bit of sparkle will go well with a plain dress. A short jacket will draw attention to your hips. Why not find out more